Do you use Navitel for turn-by-turn navigation and are you looking at Vietnam as a vacation destination this year? I’ll confess I don’t know what the Venn diagram looks like there, but if you fall into the overlap, good news—Navitel has released a full navigation map for Vietnam, including cities, streets and points of interest.

The map includes 325,972 km worth of roads spanning 86,370 settlements in Vietnam. Using the map, you can search for hundreds of thousands of addresses and points of interest within 621 of those settlements, including the major cities in the country. In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll also see 3D renderings of some of the main tourist attractions to help you get your bearings, including St. Joseph’s Cathedral, VNPT Tower and the Vimeco tower block in Hanoi and Diamond Plaza, Kumho Asiana Plaza, and the Petrovietnam Tower in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Vietnam navigation map costs €22, but if you’re getting it for a vacation, you can just license it for one year for €13 or one month for €2.74. You can buy the map or a license directly from Navitel or, if you use their Android app, from the app itself or Google Play.


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